Why Us

Have you experienced repetitive accidents or losses? Do you operate in a challenging or high risk environment ?  Do you  wish your security and safety measures were more  productive, reliable & effective? Do you need a professional risk management solution ?

At C-Risk, we provide confidential, reliable,  professional and effective consulting services. We are committed to delivering  practical,  impartial and objective advice that works. Our team is experienced, culturally aware and technically competent. We do not undertake a one size fits all approach but conduct detailed assessments (ISO 31000:2009). Our recommended risk treatment plans are bench-marked against international best practice, implementable and cost effective.

In short, we can help: 

  • Reduce physical and financial losses
  • Better protect employees, products, equipment, intellectual property, goodwill & corporate image
  • Develop superior selection, deployment, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of your security & safety resources
  • Develop an interdependent  preventative culture
  • Reduce the direct and indirect costs caused by asset loss or accidents.
  • Build  more accountability and assurance
  • Attain better control in the event of a disaster or emergency
  • Reduce physiological trauma & stresses on employees
  • Improve crisis response &  recovery
  • Lessen impact to business continuity